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21st November, its my turn.

Good evening down there. How are things going? I have some lovely pictures for you, some of which are from just about 5 minutes ago and one is from 3 weeks ago that I've been meaning to put up since I took it. You have a very lazy friend.

This here picture is Claire's cheesecake. Claire is my lovely flatmate, who is slightly disorganised. Hence when it came to baking for her society cake and candy she decided to make cheesecake, but didn't have a tin. What did she do? Make it on a plate. Some bits actually tasted rather nice.

I have a tendency to photograph crap things. This crap was a mucosal immunity lecture that we had last week and I was looking over it at the weekend. I was bored and the camera was sitting next to the computer and now we have a lovely picture of a discription of Gut/Bronchia associate lymphoid tissue. I actually think that immunology is quite interesting, but its really hard. *sob*. You will be pleased to know that I'm actually using books for this system. It really helps!

These two pictures were taken 10 minutes ago. In Dundee we are lucky that we don't tend to get too much rain but for the past two days we've had proper west coast rain. Its been quite nice, but my hair was really nice this morning. And then I went outside. *sob*

I tried to show you the rain in this one. Its not really happening, but you get a vague approximation. Its thin rain, not chucking it down - that was yesterday. Definitely soaking rain.

Puddles! I'm seriously pondering going out and jumping in them. You have protected me from how insane I actually am - I never thought I seriously was odd, but for the last 6 months I've been wondering. My outbursts indeed are odd.

I was going to email you after this, but I might wait until I have something new to add.

Swamped, in every sense.

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Everything's all a bit up in the air at the moment between studying and avoiding campus bureaucracy - I've finally gotten an email back from the Information Centre to reassure me they're not about to cancel all my speaker plans - but I promise, I've tidied my desk since this.

I watched them dredge the campus lake today, but I couldn't take pictures because I had neither camera nor time. Equally, I couldn't take pictures of the giant fish I saw in it the other day, but I do worry about it now. I hope it wasn't making its home in the shopping trolley they found.


So for my first post here, I thought I'd put up some pictures that I took yesterday. There are quite a few more - I just went on a walk outside my front door and took some.

Here's a flavour of where I live in Dundee (where the sun shines!)

Hello there, I am so sad and pale, but I will wave at my camera. I was sideways, now I am just squished.

The road stretches out endlessly before me...

My shadow, however long, has an end. Its called a head.

Oh the beauty of a clear blue sky, young saplings planted by builders to give a nod to conservation. On the left, you can see the corner of one of the blocks of my halls.

Lets look at the integrity of this rusty fence. In reality it has little point as the wooden bit has no means of stopping you entering the barren wasteland...

Despite the barriers I have encountered on my journey, my feet are planted firmly on the ground.


The distance from me to where you'd be.

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